This is the UI of an application I made on my own.

Rbhu, an application for people who edit videos, is a tool for managing video files and optimizing their operation.

Video files like After Effects and Premire are hard to use for beginners and often lose their resources.

It also visualizes the relationships between video resources and exports design data to help you create new videos next time.

In the background of this application, we noticed that the market for advertising is expanding every day, and the design tools used to create it are diversifying, but the design tools for video content are not the only ones that are diversifying.

A wide variety of video content has been created for a wide range of age groups, and today, even elementary school students are uploading video. We came up with this application to help users who create video content in Japan.

There is also a reason why the first language of the UI is Japanese. This is due to the fact that no service born in Japan has ever emerged in the world, and the fact that services emerging in Japan will never be replaced by services from abroad. In order to be a good partner for users who create video content in Japan, we need to be the best service in Japan, and that's why we have chosen Japanese as our language.